Courtney J McDonald 
About this Skier
  Name: Courtney J McDonald Nickname: Courts  
  Hails From: Bundalong, Victoria Australia    
  What got you into barefooting?
I was 8 and too little to go through the slalom course so Pete o'neill taught me to barefoot and since then it has stuck
  How did you learn to barefoot?
Deepie on the hard boom
  Who was your first barefoot instructor?
Pete o'neill
  Tell us about your first tournament
I was 10 and it was in mulwala at the max Kirwin waterski parks, I was there to have fun and gave everything I had. Everyone was so encouraging and it was good to be bare footing with big names such as Brett new Brendan and Nerissa wright and Pete o'neill
  How did you feel the first time you barefooted?
I was very happy and excited and knew from then that I wanted to continue doing it
  Why do you continue to barefoot?
I like the challenge of learning new tricks and meeting so many different people. I just really love the sport
  Who has inspired you in this sport?
Ashleigh Stebbeings has been a massive inspiration. She has always had the determination to go bigger and Better. She has stepped the level of the sport up massively
  Have you held any World Records?
  Have you won any medals at a world championship?
Yes in 2009 I got a bronze medal in junior girls jump
2010 I got a gold medal in junior girls jump and the junior team 2nd overall
2012 I got second in junior girls jump, junior girls 3rd overall and the junior team first overall
  What skiers have you enjoyed watching and why?
It was amazing to watch David small do the world record jump of 29.9 that was spectacular. Also the way the open men's skiers trick so smoothly.
  How often do you train ski?
I train at least 4 times a week in summer and 3 times a week in winter
  Do you have a nickname and how did you get it?
Courts, just a shortening of my full name
  What other activities do you participate in?
I play netball, touch football, social ski.
  What do you do for a living?
I'm a student at yarrawonga a college p-12
  When did you first start barefooting? 2003
  What is your Personal Best Score in Wakes? 10.1
  and what year 2012
  What is your Personal Best Score in Tricks? 1800
  and what year 2012
  What is your Personal Best Score in Jumping? 17.2
  and what year 2012 | Contact Us
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