Linton Sarah  
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  Name: Linton Sarah Nickname: [NA]  
  Hails From: Greytown, Wairarapa    
  What got you into barefooting?
My dad has always barefooted so he always wanted me and my sister to learn.
  How did you learn to barefoot?
Sitting in the swing off the boom.
  Who was your first barefoot instructor?
My dad but when I started competing my cousin Jeremy Linton and Bevan Kelly started coaching me.
  Tell us about your first tournament
My first tournment was the Ruamahanga tournament competing against Georgia Groen (it was her first long line tournament too) and I bet her :)
  How did you feel the first time you barefooted?
I dont remember but I must of loved it, I'm still doing it.
  Why do you continue to barefoot?
Because I love the sport and all the amazing people I get to meet.
  Who has inspired you in this sport?
Ashleigh Stebbings.
  Have you held any World Records?
  Have you won any medals at a world championship?
  What skiers have you enjoyed watching and why?
KSO, David Small, AJ Porreca, Ben Groen, Ash Stebbings, Georgia Groen, Heinrich Sam, Andre De Villiers. These are all amazing skiers and I love watching them and being able to ski with most of them :)
  How often do you train ski?
Every weekend most of the year and as many days as I can during summer.
  Do you have a nickname and how did you get it?
  What other activities do you participate in?
Waterskiing and I did play hockey and rugby at school.
  What do you do for a living?
Nothing at the moment but have worked as a waterski instructor at a summer camp in Maine, USA the last two years.
  When did you first start barefooting? 1999
  What is your Personal Best Score in Wakes? 10.6
  and what year 2012
  What is your Personal Best Score in Tricks? 2130
  and what year 2012
  What is your Personal Best Score in Jumping? 9.3
  and what year 2011 | Contact Us
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