Kristen Worley 
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  Name: Kristen Worley Nickname: [NA]  
  Hails From: Toronto, Ontario Canada    
  What got you into barefooting?
Show skiing at age 11
  How did you learn to barefoot?
I learned on my own; 50hp boat off a surfboard.
  Who was your first barefoot instructor?
Ron Scarpa - Skied with Ron and William for an entire week age 12 just the 3 of us on lake Ned. What an introduction to the sport. A dream really.
  Tell us about your first tournament
Florida State... placed second.
  How did you feel the first time you barefooted?
Fell head over heals in love with it...
  Why do you continue to barefoot?
There is not other sport like it... Technically and physically demanding; balanced with finensse.
  Who has inspired you in this sport?
Ron did from day one... Became a big brother to me over the years and helped me through difficult times. Sport has been very good to me and still is today.
  Have you held any World Records?
NO... In my dreams only - I was always the skier who enjoyed teaching others to become good skiers. Base training Ron burned into my skill set as a skier.
  Have you won any medals at a world championship?
NO.... Though maybe one day? :)
  What skiers have you enjoyed watching and why?
On an of the water; Ron, William, Pete etc... all incredible personalities.
  How often do you train ski?
Infrequently now due to work demands. Wish more.
  Do you have a nickname and how did you get it?
TBT... Tiny BUT Tough... :)
  What other activities do you participate in?
I am an elite cyclist too. Cross train for my sport.
  What do you do for a living?
Design Engineer.
  What is your motto?
Be the best I can be every day.... and care for others.
  When did you first start barefooting? 1977 | Contact Us
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