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January 23rd 2017

IWWF Male Athlete of the Year - 2016 - David Small
David had an absolutely phenomenal ski season this year, breaking new boundaries not only for himself, but once again for the sport of barefoot waterskiing. At the U.S Nationals he became the first barefooter to ever break the 14,000 mark in tricks, and joined a select handful of elite skiers to slalom into the 20s; not only doing it once, but three times between the US Nationals and the Worlds.

At the World Championships this year, he had an outstanding competition, winning his fourth consecutive Overall World title, bringing his total overall world titles up to six adding to the record he already owns. His total number of Gold medals earned over his barefooting career is now at 16; another record-breaking milestone, eclipsing Ron Scarpa?s long term record of 14 golds. Between tricks, slalom, jump and overall, he also won 3 gold medals at the Worlds this year - only the sixth World Championship since 1978 that has seen an athlete in our sport do this, and it was his second time accomplishing such a feat.

It has given us great pleasure to hear that Dave's achievements have been recognized not only within our Barefoot community but by the wider Waterski Family. Dave has been awarded the General Lascelles Trophy the Top waterski award that his National Federation, British Waterski and Wakeboard, can give, he has been awarded the World Barefoot Council Male Athlete of the year, and to crown these the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation has awarded Dave the top accolade our sport can give, The IWWF Male Athlete of the Year.

Well done Dave you are a true star.

Paul Turner
Secretary - IWWF World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: January 23rd 2017

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