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June 13th 2017

Proposal for Global Community Review
Discussions with skiers and officials have resulted in that positive change is critical to the growth and health of our sport. An Ad Hoc committee has worked on a proposal together with a broad group of skiers and officials from each of the confederations. The proposal highlights a potential change beyond 2021 that would intensify each of the divisions while reducing the number of days at each of our World Championships.

The World Barefoot Council, at their meeting on June 10, 2017, endorsed this proposal and are now looking for feedback from our community at large. That feedback will be communicated to the WBC and by August 1, 2017 a decision will be made weather to agree on this proposal in concept and follow through on it, or not.

This proposal can be found at:

This is a concept and should not to be taken too literal on the details at this point.

Please review and communicate feedback to me at your earliest convenience.

Geoff Blaauw
Chairman - IWWF World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: June 13th 2017

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