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July 2nd 2011

Rule Update
An unintended application of a rule was recently brought to the attention of the WBC and after much discussion the consensus was to REPLACE the 2011 Rule 1610(D)(2) with the following:

If the skier fails to satisfy the lifted-foot requirements by an incidental contact of the lifted foot with the water during the rotation of a one-foot turn or before BSP has been recognized at the end of the trick but relifts the lifted foot to one foot BSP before moving on to the next trick then the trick will be judged as an imperfect one-foot turn and it shall incur a 100-point penalty for each instance of incidental contact. Should the skier fail to immediately relift to one-foot BSP, the turn shall not score.

Previous wording allowed for almost the entire rotation of a one foot multiple turn to be done completely on 2 feet with only a 100 point penalty. Obviously not the intention of the points or the trick.

This change is affective immediately. The Rule Books on the website will be updated within the next 10 days.

Last Updated: July 2nd 2011

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