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May 2nd 2013

Chris Harris (GBR) – World Record Holder 1982!
On February 13, 1982 Chris Harris (GBR) celebrated his own birthday by breaking the Men’s World Barefoot Slalom record with a score of 860pts (the points system was different at that time). The previous record of 800pts at that time was co-held by Bret Wing (AUS) and Ron Scarpa (USA).

The next day Chris then celebrated Valentine’s day by breaking it again and pushing it over the 1000 mark to 1020pts.

The tournament was the Natal Provincial Championships in South Africa. Chris recalls the event and the record breaking days “It took about half an hour after each run to measure the course, the line length and so on to be ratified; it was a big deal (back then) to be at a World Record Capability tournament”

Chris is a many time British and European Champion, World Record Holder in the Starts and Slalom events, and a World Championships Medalist.

The World Barefoot Council and the IWWF offer sincere apologies to Chris for the omission of his World Slalom Records in the historical listings and archives. Back in 1982 most results were done handwritten on paper and with typewriters! Somehow these records missed the documentation and archive process.

Chris still avidly follows the sport and keeps in touch with old friends, and is on the WBC Newsletter. Recently he ended up on our history page and sent me a note “Hey Buddy! How are ya? You are missing my Slalom records on the website, what’s up?” I mentioned that these archives had been passed on through many custodians and I assume they are correct, unless he has some sort of compelling evidence. A short time later and e-mail arrived with a photo (taken with an I-Pad!) of two World Record Certificates – “Chris Harris”. Yup. That is compelling evidence! It took some time to get our archives updated and posted on the web. We thank Chris for his patience.

Many Thanks to Philippe Poyet for his continued great work on the Barefoot History files.

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Richard Gray
Chairman, World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: May 2nd 2013

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