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May 8th 2013

WBC Officials Certification Program rolling out in 2013!
WBC Officials Certification Program is here!

In May of 2013 the ABC (USA) and the ABC (AUS) agreed to fully adopt the WBC Officials Program. This has been the goal of the council for many years and has been unanimously agreed to at past meetings. We are very pleased that with the two largest federations moving forward on this that the program will now take shape and the World Wide standards will be achieved. As of May 31, 2013 WBC Officials Certification will be the only recognized certification for officials taking part in Rankings List (RL) and Record Capability (RC) tournaments worldwide thereafter.

To manage the transition to the new terminology and program, all current federation or confederation certified officials will be “grandfathered” into the WBC Program at the equivalent level that they currently hold. No further requirements will need to be met for the immediate future.

New officials entering the system, and officials upgrading to a higher level will follow the WBC certification requirements as outlined in the WBC PPG. Can be found at

Grandfathered officials will need only to meet the WBC Quiz Criteria for their respective level prior to January 1, 2015 in order to maintain their certification.

After January 1, 2015 all officials will need to meet the maintenance requirements for their respective levels through continuing education and tournament duties in order to retain their certification. These requirements have yet to be determined, and will be documented in the PPG, and communicated to all registered officials when they are developed.

We look forward to the continued developement of this program through collaboration and feedback from our entire community.

Richard Gray
Chairman, World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: May 8th 2013

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