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May 26th 2015

Final Version of 2015 Rule Book now on web
The "draft" version of the 2015 Rule Book that has been posted on our website for the past few months has now been replaced by the fully formatted and typeset version.

Error correction prolonged the final version from being

Some fairly large changes were made to the trick points table. A big Thank You to Pete O'Neill, Ben Groen and all the skiers that collaborated to update the entire system. There is now a limit to 4 multiple surface turns per pass in the trick event. (the trick event being 2 passes = a maximum of 8)

A new start was submitted by a skier and is now part of the tricks event. The Line Step Back Deep.

All starts now have a dock & tower bonus associated with them. (we had a request from a skier for the flying front toe start to be added so we did that for all starts)

A new trick was submitted by a skier and is now in the table. The One Foot / One Hand. Both front and back versions as well as reverses.

Line Step Back to Front criteria now includes a requirement that the step over foot must touch the water prior to any other part of the body. A skier submitted this request.

Jump landings and recoveries may now include any degree of tumble turn. BSP prior to the ride out buoy is the only requirement. This found support from the majority of skiers.

The officials quizzes have been updated to reflect the 2015 rules. Questions have been high lighted in red to indicate they have been added or edited for the 2015 rule changes.

Once again we ask that all officials please register at:

in order to continue to hold a current Officials Certification.

Richard Gray
Chairman - WBC

Last Updated: May 26th 2015

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