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September 4th 2015

Call for Bids - 2018 World Barefoot Championships

The IWWF World Barefoot Council is seeking bids from Federations to host the 2018 Open/Junior/Senior World Barefoot Water Ski Championships.

The current policy of the WBC is for the event to be hosted over a maximum duration of seven (7) days.

As a guide, the bid submissions should contain the following information:

Provide a brief overview of the bid submission

Proposed Dates of the Event

Description of the venue where the Championships are proposed to be held including photos of the site and associated facilities

Training and Practise
Detail proposed access to the site for training prior to the Championships and alternative training facilities in the near vicinity of the site

Provide a summary of expected temperatures, probability of rain, wind conditions, etc. that are likely to prevail for the proposed time of year the event is to be held

Local Area Information and Tourist Attractions
Provide an overview of the local area, demographics, nearest city, shopping, sporting facilities (golf, swimming pools, tennis, etc.) and associated tourist attractions


Detail the available standard of accommodation near the site. List the approximate distance of the accommodation from the site and room rates if available

Travel and Transport
Provide details of accessibility to the site, including the nearest International Airport and other relevant transport information that are applicable in travelling to the site

Provide details of food that is planned to be made available on-site, together with details of restaurants and eating facilities near the site and accommodation

Planned Activities at the Event
Provide an overview of any planned social activities and other activities that will be available during the Championships

Entry Fees
List proposed entry fees for the Championships

Event Sponsorship
List any Companies that have agreed to sponsor the event

Emergency Services
List details of nearest hospital, availability of ambulance, doctors and planned on-site emergency management team

Event Budget
Provide details of the expected budget to host the event. This will ensure the LOC is fully aware the probable cost for hosting a World Championships.

Organizing Committee Structure

Include an Organizing Committee Structure proposed to be set-up to run the Championships.

Local experience and skills in organising similar events (National Championships) is an important factor that should be highlighted, as it conveys valuable information to the WBC, the ability of the LOC to host a World Championships.

Supporting Letters of Invitation
Include any supporting letters relating to the bid from: Federal/State/Local Government, National Sport Organization and Barefoot Division, Sponsors, etc.

Confirmation/Exceptions to the Letter of Agreement/List of Obligations
Detail confirmation of accepting the terms and conditions outlined in the IWWF Letter of Agreement and WBC List of Obligations for Hosting a World Championships (found in the WBC PPG), or where applicable, any exceptions that may be conditional to the bid.

The closing dates for submissions is 31 December 2015.

Submissions are to be sent to:

Geoff Blaauw

Secretary - IWWF World Barefoot Council

E-mail -

Last Updated: September 4th 2015

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