Jerry R Kanawyer 
About this Official
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  Name: Jerry R Kanawyer Nickname: Flipper  
  Hails From: Brentwood, California 94513    
  What got you into officiating?
Lack of officials
  Why do you continue to officiate?
Because no one else will.
  Do you have a nickname and how did you get it?
  What is your motto?
We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
  List your key appointments at Major Tournaments
Officiated every US National Championships sense 1989. I have judged, scored chief scored, Driver. Have not been an official at Worlds, because I have been competing in all of them and there is a rule which needs to be changed, that won't allow competitors to officiate. Stop working to death the small amount of official and use all the other ones that you have their competing. When you don't work your officials to death there will be less mistakes made which will make a better world championships.

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