Geoff Davis 
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  Name: Geoff Davis Nickname: [NA]  
  Hails From: Aubin Grove, WA Australia    
  What got you into officiating?
The deisre to get the best seat in the house to watch all the action!
  Why do you continue to officiate?
I suupose its the friendships you make in ths sport and the graet time we all have. Especially at the major events. Officials party way harder than the skiers!!!
  Who has inspired you in this sport?
Gotta say Foot as we argue all the time but then we always have a beer afterwards! But Ken Derry Snr, Graeme Dwyer, Brian Price, John Price, Claire Wilard, Andy Harris, Richard Gray....the list goes on.
  What skiers have you enjoyed watching and why?
Love watching the Juniors come through. I'm lucky enough to have seen many but Dodd Dwyer by far the best tricker I've seen, Brett Sands, Ken Derry Jnr, Don Mixon Jnr tie for slalom and Brett New in Jump. Ashleigh Stebbeings, Gizzie Halasz and Sharon Stekelenburg my favourite ladies.
  What other activities do you participate in?
Football (Aussie rules)
  What is your motto?
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!
  List your key appointments at Major Tournaments
1999 - Region Champiosnhips - Homologator
2000 - Worlds - Homologator
2001 - World Games - Official/Tech Advisor
2005 - World Games - Chief Scorer
2006 - Region Championships - Judge
2007 - Region Championsips - Judge
2008 - Region Championships - Judge
2009 - Worlds - Judge
2009 - World Games - Judge/Chef Scorer
2010 - Region Championships - Cheif Scorer/Judge
2010 - Worlds - Judge
2012 - Worlds - Judge
2014 - Worlds - Asst Chief Judge
1992-2016 - Australian Championships - Asst Chief Judge/Judge/Scorer/Homologator

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